Work Experience

Marketing Manager

Antioch University Seattle, 2016-2018


Developed and wrote content/copy for digital, print, & radio ads for six campuses.

Results: Increased leads through GDN ads by 20%, conversions by 20%.

Managed content creation and creative process for six campuses, worked with outside vendors & faculty on content deliverables.

Results: Increased site ranking, and traffic to site by 24% and conversions by 9%.

Developed social media marketing plan.

Results: Increased social media reach by 55%, increased audience by 32%.

Created campus email marketing plan, develop and write email content for campus programs and communication plans.

Results: Increased open rate 11% and click thru rate by 12%.

Managed university & campus brand, created press kit and other PR/brand materials.

Results: Increased mentions, use of materials, and brand awareness.

Marketing & Communications Manager

Basel Action Network/e-Stewards Program, 2013-2015


Created strategic marketing plan & brand styleguide for global organization.

Results: Increased conversions 30% and leads 17% due to consistent, strategic communications and brand awareness.

Developed data-capturing strategies (user interviews, surveys, analytics, etc.)

Results: Created a data-informed site that’s in the top search results for industry keywords.

Spearheaded branded redevelopment of website.

Results: Increased conversions 30%, increased return visitors 17%, decreased bounce rate 16%, increased overall site traffic 18%.

Developed content and email marketing strategies.

Results: Increased open rate of emails 22%, increased conversions from emails 12%.

Freelance Writer & Editor


Developed and edited on-brand copywriting & storytelling for various properties and organizations (print & digital).

Results: Helped convey brand stories, positioned brands as industry thought leaders.

Marketing Volunteer

Elizabeth Gregory Home, 2012-2013 


Redesigned newsletter to better reflect mission and values statements. Revamped newsletter was featured in Marketing Makeover Panel at 2012 Washington State Nonprofit Conference.

Editorial Assistant

Locus Publications, 2010-2011 


Managed & improved social media outreach.

Results: Increased awareness of magazine, and increased digital subscriptions 20% within 48 hours of digital subscription launch.


The Anime Blog, 2005-2010 


Developed editorial calendars, built online community, and crafted content & media strategies for Japanese pop culture site.

Results: Over 25,000 unique visitors monthly— More than 3.5x the number of similar sites.

Monitored metrics and used collected data to successfully increase readership through targeted content.

Results: Successfully monetized site using Google AdSense and affiliates.

Used Google-recommended SEO tactics to raise rankings.

Results: Reached #1 Google search position for sites of its kind.


Rachel Bigler Jewelry Designs, formerly Blue Nova Jewelry Designs, 1996-2010 


Received 2003 Quincy Artists Guild Young Collectors Gallery Award, formerly Best New Artist, Jewelry, at Quincy Midsummer Arts Faire.

Received admission into Illinois Artisan program from 2002-2005.



Southern Illinois University Carbondale



Strategic Marketing Management
University of Washington Foster School of Business




Brand development & management, inbound marketing, strategic marketing, data analysis, human-centric product development, project management, graphic design, presentation skills, copywriting, editing, researching, proofreading, interviewing, creative-team leadership, customer service, sales, creative writing

Social Media, Web, and Interactive

Content development & management, A/B testing, website development & management, community building, insight development, SEO, CSS, HTML, UI/UX, podcasts, video/image creation & editing

Programs & Platforms

Hootsuite, SocialRank, Mention, WordPress, LocomotiveCMS, Trello, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, SurveyMonkey, Salesforce, Adobe Photoshop & InDesign CS6, MS Office, Extensis Portfolio, iMovie, GarageBand, Mac OS, Windows


professional jewelry design, food fermentation, recipe creation, traditional Japanese dancing, zombie apocalypse survival skills

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