Sauce Magazine

For over a decade, Sauce Magazine has been enhancing readers’ knowledge of and excitement for the St. Louis culinary scene by delivering the most relevant insights on dining, home-cooking, drinking and entertainment.

I wrote freelance for Sauce from 2007-2009, introducing Japanese cuisine to Midwesterners in conversational articles that showed them not to fear nori and to embrace shoyu. I also wrote about another foodie love—fermentation. All my Sauce recipes are original, and created and tested in my own kitchen.

The Challenge

The Japanese foodie scene in the St. Louis area was generally limited to sushi in 2009. And fermented foods, such as kombucha, were so misunderstood, I was banned from Craigslist for offering my extra SCOBY’s for free. There was a lack of accessible information on the budding trends of Japanese cuisine and food fermentation.

The Solution

Drawing on my experience from The Anime Blog,  I crafted easy-to-follow Japanese recipes, foodie articles, and fermentation how-to’s for Sauce Magazine. I made my tone conversational, yet informative, and put in print my in-depth knowledge of culinary curiosities.

Some explosions may have been involved in my work for Sauce. I may have mopped root beer off my ceiling. All for my readers.

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