e-Stewards Program

The e-Stewards Program began as an initiative of the international environmental nonprofit, the Basel Action Network. It grew into an international program recognized by the EPA and seeks to bring social justice and business solutions to the issue of electronic waste and the problems around responsibly recycling it. I was the Marketing & Communications Manager at e-Stewards from 2013-2015.

The Challenge

The e-Stewards Program needed a brand intervention. Their identity was vague and tied up in their parent organization’s, Basel Action Network (BAN), brand. While BAN is an advocacy group uncovering toxic missteps, e-Stewards is the business solution. There was little indication e-Stewards was distinct or business-friendly—the tone, feel, and voice were interchangeable with BAN.

Part of e-Stewards brand woes stemmed from an overly-simplistic mission statement that didn’t address the who, why, what, and how of what they were doing. Nor was there consistency in their communications. There was a disconnect from the business benefits e-Stewards offered and the good they did for the planet. The company also hadn’t honed in on what made them unique.

Little to no data existed on their clients’ needs, so there were no human models (personas) to base solutions and communications off of, and no defined metrics to measure success.

The Solution

I established a baseline of what the metrics were for e-Stewards properties, e.g., blog, website, social media. I researched who e-Stewards clients were, their needs, and how they sought information. I then analyzed e-Stewards resources and the best way to spread their message of responsible recycling to create environmental and social justice.

Aside from developing a consistent brand, I knew e-Stewards also needed to redevelop their website as it’s the number one touch point for potential stakeholders.

Using information I gathered through interviews and analytics, I created and managed a web development team to design a website and features to delight clients. The site also was a reflection of the new e-Stewards brand: clean, modern, helpful, approachable, professional, and conversational.

To further guide the organization, I created a marketing plan, personas, email marketing plan, and brand styleguide. e-Stewards communications are now data-based, consistent, and meaningful, and measurable.

Complete Website Redevelopment

The former site was overloaded with info, and it was confusing who the audiences were, what they needed, and where they should go. I gathered user data then developed content for the end users. I worked closely with a database developer and graphic designer to develop a user-friendly site filled with features to connect audiences with the e-Stewards brand.

The end result is a site targeted at three separate audiences: Recyclers, Enterprises, and Consumers. Content within each sub-site is aimed at the users’ needs and funnels them through site with calls to action on key pages.

Find a Recycler Map

The Find a Recycler Map is the most important page on the website. It’s an interactive feature that allows users to find an e-Stewards Certified Recycler and Refurbisher. The original map had many issues and was not very searchable.

Working with a developer specializing in databases, we took user needs and honed them into a powerful, highly searchable web app. There’s no map as powerful and refined at finding certified recyclers and refurbishers. Traffic to the map has increased 15% since redevelopment.


Email Marketing

Email is an important component for e-Stewards marketing. This is a piece aimed at stakeholders to advertise the annual stakeholder meeting. I incorporated the new branding into the piece. It had an open rate 12% higher than former email efforts.




I helped develop key pieces of marketing collateral for the organization, including a suite of pieces for the 2015 E-Scrap Conference–the biggest industry conference in the nation. This example is for our annual stakeholder meeting, I developed a branded one-pager to inform stakeholders of our new website, features, and tools.

  • Bounce Rate Decreased 15% 15%
  • Increased Website Traffic 12% 12%
  • Increased Conversion Rate 30% 30%
  • Increased Email Open Rate 20% 20%

The Marketing Metrics

These are some of the key metrics my work impacted while at e-Stewards. I increased conversions, decreased their bounce rate and increased their site ranking with search engines, among other metrics.

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