Consumer Brands

Consumer Brands is a content development firm dedicated to building brands in a digital era. I wrote articles and recipes for them on a freelance basis, working with the President of Publishing and other key team members. Whatever they needed, I provided quickly and on brand. I appreciated the opportunity to bring together my research skills and creativity for my time with CB. 

The Challenge

Consumer Brands needed accessible content for several health-related digital properties they were building. They needed difficult-to-access health concepts written in an accessible manner for online viewing.

They also needed various content, written for web and within brand, for other brands, such as, Verizon, and HughesNet. And needed it on brand and stylistically consistent.

The Solution

For health-related articles, I researched the best topics for the properties’ audiences and pitched the ideas to Consumer Brands. I then combed through scientific articles for supporting evidence to approved topics. I then followed brand styleguides to write conversational pieces connecting with readers informing them of relevant and helpful information.

I also used my recipe-creation skills from The Anime Blog and Sauce to create paleo-diet recipes for a property.

For other brands, I followed their styleguides to produce the content they needed.

My favorite piece for Consumer Brands was accompanying copy for an infographic on home security…during the zombie apocalypse.

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