Compl*EAT is an inclusive product that offers the tools and support needed to cook wholesome, tasty meals in order to be self-supportive and healthy while reaping the benefits of being a home cook.


The Challenge

For my Strategic Marketing Management course at the Foster School of Business, my class was tasked to create, brand, and market a product. My team, consisting of three others beside myself, wanted something that was helpful, needed, and would provide holistic value to end users. We also wanted it to easily get funding and be maintained by the community it supported.

We also needed to design the marketing plan after fleshing out the product, developing the branding, and researching the markets.

The Solution

We brainstormed into creation Compl*EAT—a holistic online platform aimed at providing gender stereotype-free, inclusive cooking and food prep info for Millennial men via a highly searchable user- and vendor-generated database.

I developed the product, positioning, differentiation, mission statement/executive summary, and value proposition, as well as the name and color palette. I contributed to the marketing mix, specifically the online portions and word-of-mouth strategies.

We presented our product at a “trade show” during school hours at the Foster School of Business. Students were excited about the product, and we were judged Best in Show.

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