Elizabeth Gregory Home is a Seattle nonprofit whose goal is to transition homeless women off the streets using housing and a day center. They offer dignity and inspiration to all women in the Seattle area—helping them search for jobs, cook a meal that suits their needs and connect with friends, family and employers through use of the internet and phones. All in a safe, welcoming environment.

In early 2012 I volunteered to write and design their marketing collateral. At the time, their newsletter needed a fresh look and inspiring copy to better connect with donors. I stepped up to the challenge and created the collateral below. Erica Mills of Claxon Marketing featured the newsletter in her panel Nonprofit Marketing Makeovers at the 2012 Washington State Nonprofit Conference as an example of what to do when creating donor-facing collateral.

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Elizabeth Gregory Home Newsletter Spring 2012

Elizabeth Gregory Home 2011 Annual Report

Elizabeth Gregory Home Newsletter Fall 2012