I’ve Sherpa’d nonprofits, artists, and writers on a journey of discovery to the heart of who they are and why they do what they do. Using those nuggets of humanity, I define what images, tone, voice, channels, and strategy will work for you to get your message out. I define your brand.

We’re Awesome! We Don’t Need Branding.

You no doubt do some pretty nifty stuff for the planet and the peeps and pups who live on it. Or you bring something unique into the world. But maybe getting the peeps to recognize your awesome-isitude is…not so much. The cure is to inject your brand with the humanity you bring through your services or products. Then get it out there.

Branding Services

Brand development

Discover your organizational strengths, personality, and voice to build an identity clients connect with.

Brand management

Keep your messages and identity consistent, launch better campaigns, and use the best channels to reach your audience.

Brand storytelling

Use images, narratives, and emotional appeal consistent with your goals and messaging to better tell your story.

Brand styleguides

Ensure all your communications, graphics, collateral, and verbiage are consistent with a brand styleguide.

The path might be long and tricky, but we’ll get there together and make your brand and organization stronger.

Let’s build your brand together.