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Holistic Branding

Make your organization stronger through smart branding. I’m well-versed in brand vision, development, and management.

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Data-Fueled Marketing

Get your message in front of the right folks. I’m a pro with marketing strategy, actionable analytics, and inbound marketing.

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Copywriting & Storytelling

Narrative is everything in messaging. I’ll help you connect meaningfully to your audience, and back it with your organization’s work.

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What They’re Saying

Your suggestion to better define the problem that we are solving (as in the second written material paragraph as the bottom of page 8 in the written plan) is excellent. We are so buried in the world or victim advocacy that we have not done a good job articulating the problem to an uninitiated audience. (All of our clients are very familiar with victim anxiety and its effects, but the average person may not have thought about it before.) 

Celeste Walsen

Executive Director, Courthouse Dogs Foundation

I have had the opportunity to work with Rachel on multiple projects, most recently when she served as project manager for the design and development of her organization’s new website. Rachel has been a stellar manager throughout the redesign project, skilled at facilitating communication and keeping team members on-task. 

Alina Godfrey

Environmental Artists, Harebrained Schemes

Rachel pays attention to detail, is familiar with agile processes and best of all is friendly and enjoyable to work with. She gives good guidance and direction, helping keep the requirements clear and well managed, and never sets unrealistic expectations.

Thomas Jones

Web Developer

Rachel is extremely enthusiastic about her work, which is infectious and makes it fun to collaborate with her. She is very receptive to feedback, has a creative outlook, and is always eager to assist and support her colleagues even when the work required doesn’t fall into her realm of communications and marketing. If you have a marketing and communications need, hire Rachel!

Mylinh Vo

Operations Manager, Basel Action Network

At any given time Rachel could be asked to do seven tasks at once, by any of several supervisors, of which I was one. She proved willing and able to stand up under this pressure, and maintained her sense of humor. She has made important lasting contributions to our company by encouraging us to take a more active role in social media promotions for the magazine.

Francesca Myman

Design Editor, Locus Publications

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